About Hollenback and Nelson

Specialists Known for Quality

We operate both as a prime contractor on construction manager projects or as a subcontractor within a larger team. And our focus is on Commercial, Institutional and large scale Residential developments.

We treat quality as our top priority, as it is theĀ  best way to ensure a zero-punchlist project. As well as stressing the importance of meeting deadlines, providing accurate estimations and honoring our contract agreements.

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Trained and Experienced Workers

We employ skilled union tradesmen. Their experience, skill and specializations are how we ensure the excellence of our installations.

We provide an environment to foster the development of our workers’ skills. We employ experienced foremen and provide extensive training programs on industry relevant skills and safety practices. This ensures our tradesmen know how to deal with jobsite challenges and produce work that exceeds the industry standard.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Our comprehensive quality control program is the key to our exceptional workmanship.

  • Pre-construction conferences
  • Careful review of construction documents
  • Verification of materials and submittals
  • Jobsite briefings on QC procedure
  • Rigorous QC inspections
  • Photo verification of installations
  • Prompt punch list work completion
  • Complete archiving of all project records
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We make use of a strict and effective jobsite safety policy. We credit it for our strong safety record that provides us a competitive edge.

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