Our Safety Record Speaks for Itself

We want all of our people to work in the best possible conditions. To ensure this, we take a proactive approach with our safety policies to make sure our workers are armed with the equipment and knowledge to stay safe on the job.

Hollenback and Nelson - Safety Is Our Priority

We uphold high standards and compliance throughout all of our accomplishments.

Experience Modification Rates

  • 2017 = 1.00
  • 2016 = 1.02
  • 2015 = 1.15


The backbone of our safety program is our company policies. These policies reflect both common sense safety practices and OSHA rules related to the concrete and masonry industry to manage Silica Exposure, Falling Hazards, Repetitive Motion Injuries and other threats. We ensure only competent and qualified persons are tasked to perform our skilled work. And we incentivize competence through through employee reviews and holding yearly safety awards to celebrate and reward our best policy adherents.


Our next level of safety comes from our experienced superintendent and crew foremen. Our foremen provide relevant weekly safety instruction to our crews at each job site. Our foremen and crews know their jobs, and they know how to do them safely. Our foremen, superintendent and safety inspectors also communicate their individual safety concerns to each other and the work crews through monthly safety meetings


Construction is physically demanding work and stresses the body accordingly. Back and repetitive motion injuries are an ever present risk. We take the initiative to prevent these injuries before they happen by holding instructional seminars with industry safety experts and physical therapists to show our workers the safest way to get the job done on site and how to take steps to keep their body working off the job.


Our safety and production inspectors ensure that on-site company policies and rules are adhered to, and that all employees have the safety equipment they need to do their work. Our inspectors also investigate and document incidents related to accidents, injuries and other safety issues. As well as working to implement our Insurance providers’ recommendations into our safety program.

Our inspectors attend safety meetings sponsored by OSHA and the Association of General Contractors so that we can network and stay abreast of industry safety issues alongside OSHA’s rules and interpretations changing.